Comment Etiquette

In terms of comments, I’m undoubtedly chumming the waters by having a “political” blog in the first place.  I get it.  I think we’ve all seen enough ‘Comments’ sections of various blogs, forums, discussion boards, and unnamed social networking sites to know that, especially with topics like this (and especially under the shield of anonymity), some of the comment threads can get pretty volatile.  At the very least, many of these comments are just plain insipid.  At the very most, in the extreme, they get ugly and uncalled for.  This is just a friendly reminder to keep your comments civil.  This is a blog that you are visiting.  It’s kind of like my living room.  You are more than welcome to visit my living room and leave a comment if you wish.  But, if you come into my living room, prop up your dirty feet on my coffee table, start spouting profanities and obscenities everywhere, make my other friends and visitors feel uncomfortable with inappropriate remarks, and altogether treat my small virtual domicile with a level of disrespect beyond the sensible discussion of a topic  – I will delete your comment, ask you to leave, and suggest that you only return when your manners as a house guest have improved.  So, speak freely, but please do so with a level of decorum befitting talking to your own mother.  If you routinely curse like a sailor in front of your mother, I suggest you start your own blog.  Maybe your mother can run your online store.