About the Blog

Welcome to Prowling Owl Politiks.  Before anyone points it out, I know what you’re thinking:  not only did I pretentiously spell it “politiks”, but doesn’t the world need another opining opinionator about as much as we need more hippie drum circles?  I can see your point.  But wait, do you hear that… ?  [insert silence]  It’s the sound of forgiveness.

Undue sarcasm aside, I’m just a guy who, after years of armchair research, following news stories, reading articles and books on a broad range of topics, and conversations with friends and enemies alike, has had a reworking of my worldview, and figured it was finally time to carve out my own small corner of cyberspace to talk freely about the “stuff” that matters to me.  To be clear, politics for politics’ sake doesn’t really interest me.  What interests me – what concerns and motivates me to bother to put my thoughts in this format – is personal and civil liberty, freedom, where humanity is heading, and the struggle against corruption, collectivization and tyranny – whatever level of social institution it infects and whatever form, however innocuous, it may take.  So, despite the allusion to Realpolitik, the scope of this blog is wide and no topic is really off limits to the broader discussion at hand.  So, welcome to my verbose, indulgent world of hearing myself talk.  Enjoy.