Ezekiel Saw The Wheel…

… And Wished It Would Die

In his opinion piece at the progressive groupthink foundry The Atlantic, Ezekiel Emanuel espouses his personal desire to “die at 75”. I guess the good news is, if gets his wish, we only have 18 more years of this ageistic, Hitler-of-Healthcare’s policy recommendations to contend with. If that sounds glibly morbid and heavy-handed, you should read his work.

As Health-Policy Adviser to President Obama (and having secured that position while his younger brother, Rahm, served as White House Chief of Staff), it would be very unwise to dismiss or downplay his connections, input, and influence in all things “health” that emanate from the District of Criminals.

To anyone who bothers reading and keeping up with such things, it’s unfortunately the rule, and not the exception, that we always hear such fatalistic diatribes from those who don the mantle of professional “bioethicists”. An Orwellian title indeed, the fact that so many of these academically-minded men and women, having the audacity to instruct the masses on what’s ethically right, wrong, or appropriate in life/death decisions, are themselves die-hard adherents of the “the world would be better off if more people would just die” school of thought, is beyond disturbing. Here’s a smattering of examples:

Death Cult As Healthcare

Since ‘Day 1’ of the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) legislation, with all of its chicanery, obfuscation, hidden tax funding mechanisms, and the push to “pass it so you can read what’s in it”, “alarmists” and naysayers alike have consistently had their fears allayed by The Powers That Be that there are no “death panels”, nor need we be worried about the elderly possibly being denied necessary, life-saving procedures, based on cost-benefit calculations involving their age and the expense of said procedures. It’s quite difficult to accept such assurances about a law whose chief progenitor and drafter is a man who actively wishes everyone of the species to expire at a prescribed age. Why would we consider that anything this man fights for in the realm of so-called healthcare would be in our best interest? To the extent that any of us do believe that, perhaps we have the same death wish as Mr. Emanuel himself.

What I’m Saying Is Not What I’m Saying

After spouting one communitarian, “greater good” argument after another, extolling the societal virtues of a tightly-controlled and tidily-timed prescribed death, Mr. Emanuel gives the less than sincere-sounding qualification that he’s not recommending his point of view for the rest of us and certainly not supporting that such an age-restrictive proscription be instituted as a matter of policy or law. One can hardly read the piece in its entirety, however, and not seriously doubt this as being the case. Again, the man’s career is as a bioethicist; he is absolutely concerning himself with prescribing what healthcare providers and we, the commoners, ought to do – all in the interest of society, of course. No discussion of individual rights here; only efficiency and expediency with regard to our collective obligations to the social contract (which we never signed). Don’t let his soft-peddling academic voice, hiding his agenda under the cover of value-free, detached scientist, fool you. This man is a social engineer by trade, and this light-hearted romp of reflections on age, usefulness, and death-by-choice are both meant to put these ideas into the mainstream conversation, and to inoculate you against any survival instinct-driven bristling you might be prone to in the face of such philosophical investigation.

This isn’t an isolated sentiment from this man, either. This WSJ article provides a decent rundown of good ol’ Zeke’s many quotes over the years, and affords us some valuable insight into his eugenic ideations.

Yaaaay – Let’s Die!

What’s worse to me than even this weasel’s professional opinions, is that I see people sharing links to his Atlantic article on Facebook – and liking it. You’ve got to be kidding me. As a culture – especially among the now aging Gen-Xers (which includes me, age 40) and younger – we’ve allowed ourselves to be seduced by this fatalistic nonsense. We think prescriptions of death are as mother’s milk, and we’re just fine letting health legislation be penned by people who actively prefer and promote death over life. We’re insane. We may as well register our elderly loved ones at a nursing facility run by Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Or, enroll our children in a private boarding school where Jerry Sandusky is the Headmaster. We’re committing cultural and literal suicide, and smiling with two Facebook thumbs up as we do it. It’s as if Hannibal Lecter is feeding us a sauteed slice of our own brain, and we’re praising how savory it is. This is what the human race has come to: cheering on the culture of death as we label it “sensible”.

Let’s Not Reform Anything – Let’s Abandon It!

I’m already of the mind that, as Dr. Peter Glidden, ND frequently says, “We don’t need to up-regulate, down-regulate, massage, manage, or tweak the healthcare system – we need to abandon it!” No, this isn’t lunacy or some shtick, intended simply to shock people’s sensibilities; it’s a reality-check. What we’re essentially arguing about when we’re talking all things “healthcare” in the modern age, is a matter of access to the same old broken system – a system misnamed “healthcare”, instead of its more accurate moniker, “disease management”. All the clamoring is aimed at gaining more access to a system that sees things through a reductionistic lens, and whose only therapeutics and interventions involve toxic drugs and surgery. If they can’t drug it into submission, they cut and/or burn it out. Unless you’re receiving trauma care, treatment for an acute illness, or a handful of infectious diseases, what passes for the very best in modern M.D. medicine is, quite frankly, embarrassing and barbaric – and, ultimately works against the natural functioning of our bodies.

Is it any wonder Mr. Emanuel wants to die at 75?! Our understanding, prevention, and treatment of chronic disease – the thing that most people go to the doctor for, most of the time – is so unbelievably poor and ineffective, that if we’re lucky enough to make it to 75, our quality of life is in the toilet. This being the case, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t want to be put out of their misery before becoming an octogenarian. Notice, however, that the answer is never to change course with regard to conventional health strategies and interventions… No, no. The answer is to simply accept the abysmal state of “aging” and hope to die! This is the man (and thought process) we appoint to inform our already-bloated government’s “health” policies? Again, you’ve got to me kidding me.

World of Idiocy

Think about it: We’re told by “smart” doctors that nutrition is kind of an afterthought, and taking vitamin and mineral supplements is a waste of time and just gives you expensive urine – as they convince you that your disease state is only remedied with a toxic drug, sold at an obscene profit. When the drugs fail to “fix” the condition (which was never the intent anyway), they march in with surgery. They “treat” an arthritic knee, for example, by replacing it with an artificial one made from titanium – but, never address the severe nutrient deficiencies that spurred the biophysical processes that caused the arthritis in the first place, and which are still at work in the remaining bones to which the fake knee is yet attached. Just face it: You’ve been sold a bill of goods, and you keep buying. And, after your physically, emotionally, and financially broke from the sad and sorry “normalcy” that results from this failed system, you joyously accept, in your weakened state, the ultimate amelioration of your pain: a man who says, “Just die already!”

Let’s all tell Ezekiel Emanuel that if he wishes to depart this physical coil at the magic age of 75, go for it. In the meantime, let’s stop listening to his nonsense, and to people like him, and let’s make it a priority to get lunatics like him out of positions of power. If he’s so impressed with Darwin’s survival of the fittest, and of letting “nature [take] its course swiftly and promptly”, then let’s give him what he wants by all agreeing to try and live to 85, just so we can out-survive his idiotic policies and tell him to (posthumously) go to hell.



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