‘Truther’ Consequences

Bulls On Parade

I didn’t watch a single minute of televised coverage of the ceremonies commemorating the 10th anniversary of the decade-defining terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  Nor did I watch, in the week leading up to it, any of the programmatic offerings of the ratings-hungry media hounds, acutely focused on 9/11, as they pedaled their prime time sensationalism, reinforcing via saturation, the official narrative.  This was not, in the least, out of indifference or uncaring for the powerful solemnity of the tragedy, the victims, or the countless heroes of that day (and of the days and weeks that followed) whose lives were either ended or forever changed.  No, I abstained from viewing these things because I couldn’t bear to watch 9/11 transformed into just another Shark Week-style television event, culminating in the sick joke of tragedy being crafted into a Bizarro holiday parade, enshrining half-truths and whole lies within solemn speeches from the very same establishment turds who have used the precipitous events of that morning to sell the world endless deceptions, launch multiple illegal wars, steal our liberties, and create nothing less than a hi-tech, Big Brother police state – all wrapped in the American flag, under the thin pretense that this Orwellian, Patriot Act-inducing, Homeland Security-establishing, post-9/11, Death Star apparatus is a necessary evil and only exists for our supposed “security” from “terror” – the perpetual boogeymen in our national closet, the “evildoers” known as Al-Qaeda.

Wake Up Bomb

I choose my words very carefully here, because there’s a lot about 9/11 that we don’t know.  Like nearly everything.  And what we do know paints a very different picture than the one officially held.  Call me whatever you will – a “9/11 Truther”, “conspiracy theorist”, “kook”, etc. – I just consider myself an interested party who woke up seven years ago and became a student and armchair researcher of the larger picture.  I don’t speak for a cause, other than promoting the understanding of what really took place; I speak for myself.  I don’t claim to know everything or to be clairvoyant; I claim to research and read, and to weigh and consider the information I encounter.  I have ideas, many of which translate into beliefs and points of view which I communicate with conviction at times; But I am not so full of myself so as to preclude the possibility of being wrong.  I understand that the devil is in the details, and details are what interest me.  If I sit convinced of one thing, it’s that the mainstream, government-approved, corporate media-rendered theatrical matte painting that passes as the official story is a fraud.

If you believe the official conspiracy theory that nineteen, poorly-trained Muslim hijackers, directed by a cave-dwelling cleric dying of renal/kidney failure, commandeered four separate aircraft in a single morning using only “box cutters” against a cabin full of other passengers, successfully flying three of these behemoths into their targets, unassisted and with military precision, executing impressive maneuvers which even seasoned combat pilots have acknowledged as extremely difficult – all while NORAD coincidentally stood down, thus defeating, in remarkably short order, a $700+ billion/yr. defense apparatus – then I suppose we’ll need to agree to disagree…  The barest degree of investigation into the facts surrounding 9/11 shows the official narrative to be implausible nonsense, replete with countless problems, omissions, distortions, discrepancies, gaping holes, and outright lies.

I believe there’s clear and credible evidence that shows 9/11 to be a classic false flag/stand down operation, carried out by a rogue network within the government, the details of which are yet shrouded in layers of disinformation, misinformation, and institutional cover-up.  We shouldn’t underestimate the cover-up component.  The evidence of a cover-up is evidence of a crime.  The precise nature of that crime, how far in scope it extends and to what levels of our government it reaches, as well as who or what other entities were complicit in its execution, is the stuff of a proper independent investigation.  When a majority of six of the ten 9/11 Commission co-chairs have openly stated for the record their first-hand accounts of the US Government (in particular, the White House and CIA) “obstructing” and “compromising” their investigation (among many other statements), establishing proof of a cover-up is scarcely debatable.  If this were any other crime or set of circumstances, such evidence would be sufficient to go before a grand jury and secure a criminal trial.  Such obstruction of justice by the highest levels of government stands as an ipso facto spear that pierces the soft underbelly of the lie, providing incontrovertible proof that there’s more to the chain of events than meets the eye – a fact that establishes reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of the story, prior even to addressing deeper practical issues like the numerous and variously documented indications of government and corporate foreknowledge, let alone the necessary suspension of the laws of physics multiple times in one day, regarding the mechanical nature of the structural failures which purportedly precipitated the unique (as in never-before-seen) global symmetric collapses of three buildings, with WTC-7 having not even been hit by a plane.

Eyes To See and Ears To Hear

While the 9/11 Truth community continues to grow, not everybody concedes to (or even knows about) this larger body of evidence, and for different reasons.  Many who hold fast to the mainstream account honestly feel that facts and sound reason do not demonstrate support for the doubting-Thomases and researchers among us and their working theories, so they discount the entire expanded evidentiary trail out of hand.  An acquaintance of this disposition went so far as to be downright contemptuous of Truthers, referring to them as “nuts” and “crackpots” in a social media post.  Several other commenters concurred, adding their two cents.  This individual isn’t a stupid person, either; rather, a Michael Shermer-esque skeptic who, no doubt, bases his opinions on his wholesale acceptance of the popular and “approved” body of evidence – and nothing more.  One wonders how this passes muster in the larger sense, considering the NIST report only concerns itself with the conditions leading up to the initiation of collapse, but then ignores the mechanical forces involved in the ensuing global symmetric collapse itself.  This is just one example, but it demonstrates how, if we’re to view the “alternative” theories with skepticism, the official government report also requires serious scrutinizing, as it is lacking stupendously in the detail demanded by the event.  It stands as ironic to me that this skeptical mechanism is shut-off when it comes to all things 9/11 which lie inside of the official box, and that this person would actually go on the offensive with such broad ridicule of those who question the evidence and who are themselves, in fact, skeptical.  In the broader sense, I’m convinced that some of these people are just self-styled, politically-aware pseudo-sophists who are afraid of appearing to endorse anything that might align them with the aforementioned “nuttiness” brigade.  Their all-or-nothing adoption of the official story, with absolutely zero room for even the slightest concession regarding the mountains of conflicting evidence, and especially when their opinions are prefaced with pejorative labels of this kind, makes me think that their positions have less to do with an open review of the full spectrum of facts, and more to do with avoiding potentially embarrassing associations and schoolyard ridicule.

Not all of the ‘anti-Truther’ venom, however, is communicated from a place of “reason” (however faulty, in my opinion).  Many people with the most swift and unambiguous reactions of disgust toward 9/11 Truth react as such simply because the very ideas being discussed offend them and their idyllic notions of how our government operates.  Blinded by the bright red, white & blue of their own earnest patriotism, they’re insulted by the idea that rogue elements within their government would engage in such evil and chicanery, despite a long, documented history of exactly this type of thing occurring, including such declassified gems as: 

  • The Tuskegee Experiment (1932):  the US Public Health Service intentionally allowed 399 unwitting black men from rural Alabama, with late stage syphilis, to degenerate (and die) without treatment, in order to track its effects throughout the black population.
  • Operation Gladio (1950’s -1982):  US paramilitary forces joined with other NATO “stay behind” forces in several European countries, following WWII, to carry out clandestine acts of disruption and civil unrest, including false-flag terrorism targeting innocent people (most notably in Italy, with bombings of public marketplaces and school buses), in order to destabilize Communist regimes they felt were a threat to Western hegemony.
  • Operation Ajax (1953):  the CIA coup, run by Kermit Roosevelt, which successfully used terrorism and subterfuge to overthrow the democratically-elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh, and reinstall the brutal Mohammed Reza Shah in 1953 – all at the behest of the British government who was upset at having lost their lucrative oil concessions to Mossadegh’s progressive policy of nationalizing Iran’s natural resource so that its citizens might enjoy the profits. 
  • Project SHAD (1962):  involving the involuntary and unknowing testing of biological agents and radiological materials on US Army enlisted men by their own government.

To these people who refuse to see the historical evidence in their midst of just how corrupt factions within governments and the military-industrial complex can bring their often evil and nefarious – and sometimes world-changing – plans to fruition, I say wake up and grow up.

Regardless of where the attitude comes from, the arrogance and smugness of many of these anti-Truthers sicken me.  Not because they question or refute a position I personally hold, but precisely because they don’t question what’s in front of them – in one of the biggest game-changing events in our lifetime.  They hold, as a virtue, not questioning what the corporate, alphabet agency-funded, Operation Mockingbird media vomits in their mouths, because to do so might land them in the corral with “conspiracy theorists” – a 5¢ disposable term meant to induce shame, creating such an undesirable association so as to condescendingly coerce one into either adopting the popular and accepted position or retreating from the debate altogether.  But, it’s not even a debate.  It’s an exploration of available information and a willingness to admit that, whatever the convoluted truth may be, the official and accepted whitewashed story isn’t it.  Shame on such falsely open-minded people for employing the oldest and most unthoughtful trick in the book to chill contra-mainstream debate.

No one is being asked to buy in to a religion or to swear fealty to some universal order, rather to investigate information – especially information which is actively ignored and suppressed by the talking-point-driven Presstitutes who pretend to be journalists, but shrug this responsibility in favor of script-reading.  Since when did disbelief and asking questions become secular blasphemy in a free society?  Perhaps that’s what irritates me the most about the contemptuous comments mentioned earlier.  These are the same people, in many instances, who want to act like they support dissent, free-thinking, and scientific thought in every other arena and involving every other subject – yet, they judge and ridicule in absolute terms, a broad group of people who have simply looked at the official story and tilted their heads like a dog trying to make sense of a confusing noise, and who have decided to entertain – and be vocal about – the ocean of evidence that dwells at depths far beneath the reaches of the superficial mainstream’s intentionally weak sonar.

The truth is I encounter this “don’t talk about anything that isn’t hailed as true by the establishment media” attitude all the time and in many different discussions.  I recently commented on another acquaintance’s post regarding the mafia-style institutional fraud in the financial system and the revolving door that exists between the executive floors of the mega-banks and the policy-makers in Federal government – a manifestly provable statement, and a germane response to their original post.  The reply by another acquaintance and contributor:  “You forgot to mention black helicopters.”  Really?  And these are “smart” people.  I guess I was supposed to thank them for enlightening me with a banal and cliche “conspiracy” quip, or somehow feel reproached or shut-down by a giggling, asinine, straw man insult.  I don’t even want to dislike these people.  I’d prefer to have interesting discussions with them.  Our mutual lives and liberty depend on understanding the nature of our world.  I’m just fed up with the condescending intelligentsia, for whom is typical, the a priori assumption that the mainstream delivered goods are the only horses in the race.

Never Forget

When the establishment reminds us to “never forget”, they’re inducing more than just the memory of the 3,000 people who died that day.  They’re carefully attaching to our sense of grief, honor, and remembrance the lie they push as truth; the ridiculous back story that employs a cartoon version of history in order to create the modern anti-terror control grid that’s been built over the past decade.  They don’t want people reading information or hearing uncomfortable testimony of facts which challenge and dispute the easy-bake narrative, and thinking about the implications of it all.  They just want you to “never forget” the contrivance that acts as the skeleton key to the cash register and dollar-churning printing press that feeds the bloated military-industrial beast that never sleeps and is always hungry.

Perhaps we’d be better off never forgetting that the rotting corpse of our Republic is being paraded around dressed up as Lady Liberty, while an aggressive take-down of our Constitutional rights and of every principle for which they stand, has been launched.  Let’s also never forget that while you or I may be immersed in our own feelings of patriotism, desperately wishing it really was all about evil bearded men who “hate our freedoms”, that it stands as undeniable that 9/11 – whatever the “truth” of it may be – has been used as the excuse by which the treason of taking our very freedoms they purport to be protecting has been – and is being – accomplished.  Let’s never forget that we’re not safer – we’re simply more monitored and controlled.  Assume the position, citizen – ’cause the next set of genitals that blue-gloved TSA Agent’s hand will be reaching for will be your own!  O’er the land of the screened and the home of the slaves.

It’s interesting how, when people – especially activists and demonstrators – never forget these things and actually exercise their 1st Amendment right to free speech on the streets of Manhattan, during the official ceremony of lies, they’re arrested, whisked away, and even beaten by thug police who’d clearly been ordered to disallow people of a certain political bent from entering the area.  It’s on record, with eye-witness accounts, that anyone wearing a 9/11 Truth t-shirt was turned away, Stasi-style, not just from Ground Zero, but from vast portions of lower Manhattan altogether.  And this is to say nothing of the First Responders having been barred from attending the official ceremonies at Ground Zero.  With the number of these men and women who are awake to the cover-up, and who also have been vocal concerning the lack of healthcare they’ve received in the years since, suffering chronic ailments from the materials they inhaled and came in contact with at the pile, it’s no wonder why the disingenuous, politicking gas bags, who are never short on rhetoric and all too eager to glom off the bravery and sacrifice of these people, wouldn’t want these heroes on the scene.  The tyrants don’t want the lies that prop up their putsch disturbed.

Where is the unbridled outcry from every citizen of this country against official oppression at the hands of a bloated and out-of-control government police-state?  The fact that this is happening in America ought to make every man, woman and young person of coherent thought and understanding outraged and motivated to wrestle our most fundamental of rights back from an illegitimate government.  Our Constitution reserves these rights, but they are not guaranteed without our own effort, in perpetuity.  These rights, as with all rights, must be demanded and stood upon, if we’re to actually have and retain them. For all the soft creatures out there who don’t understand the gravitas of what this means, and whose only concern is “the big game” on ESPN, again, I say wake up and grow up.

If you want to honor the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11, then start by researching, for yourself, the details of the event responsible for it, and stop playing into the mainstream fairy tale.  Read and watch the investigative contributions of dozens of independent researchers and journalists who have been pursuing the unpleasantries and piecing the evidence together for the past ten years.  Don’t accept everything upon first read or viewing.  Wrestle with it.  Think about it.  If you do accept one thing as fact, let it be that the story presented to us by the government, and reinforced by its lapdog media, is so flimsy and riddled with holes that it cannot be true. And if you really want to honor the victims and their memory, even if you’re confused by the conflicting evidence and aren’t yet convinced of any one “truth”, at least lend your voice in demanding the reversal and rescindment of the ridiculous, liberty-chilling measures which have been foisted upon us in its name.

An Inconvenient Truth

You have to ask yourself, even if the official account of 9/11 is 100% true, why is the establishment so damn afraid of “a few kooks” asking questions.  If the mainstream narrative is so solid and in no need of defending, why is there such an open attempt in the media to blanketly demonize the 9/11 Truth community in its entirety, dismissing even accomplished and respectable, aboveboard  scientists and researchers, backed by sound evidence which counters the official findings, the same as wild-eyed sidewalk protestors?  Why are people condemned for asking questions and challenging perceptions?  Why does the media promote mental anesthesia? 

With such naked displays of thought-crime ridicule, contempt for dissent and free speech, and a religious fervor for snatching up individual rights and liberties, if 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, America’s ignorance-induced downfall will be.